Monday, September 17, 2007

Ashamed of myself

15th Sep evening we were searching for a adaptor (electrical cord) for the lap-top of our Engineer working with us. 4 of us were in the car. In Doha, specially in evening time, we find greater problem of parking of the vehicle.

It seems almost all the family ows at least one car here.

Since we could not find a proper place for the parking, we had to place the car ignoring other cars for the return.

Mr. Mehmut, our driver cum PRO, had known that I have a liscence of the car from Nepal. He requested me to be there inside the car. I thought it's OK and similar, but when the time came for me to use it, I did not even change the gear! Oh, so sad and so bad!! I had to shought for the help of the next car owner to move it.

I was so ashamed of myself.

जीवन भरी याद आउने कुरा भो यो ।

I have learnt it immediately.

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  1. Oh! it's too bad, how you r enjoying Quatar? thanks to posting your trip to Doha n hope u will post beautiful fotos of there near future.:-)