Monday, October 15, 2007

Hitachi to bring 4TB HDDs in 2011

Hitachi has successfully developed the smallest read-head technology for hard drives in the world, and will most probably use this technology to quadruple current storage capacity limits to a whopping 4TB for a desktop hard drive, and one quarter that amount for notebook hard drives. This was made possible by reducing existing recording heads by more than a factor of two, where these new heads measure between 30 to 50 nanometer each. It is tipped that this new technology will be implemented in shipping products a couple of years from now, achieving its full potential in 2011. These new heads have been dubbed “current perpendicular-to-the-plane giant magnetoresistive1 heads”, or CPP-GMR for short. Truly, Hitachi is living up to its motto of “inspiring the next”.

Link: Cheeju

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