Friday, October 8, 2010

Beautiful Nepal with Dashain Dhun

Dashain (दशैं) is the 15-day national festival of Nepal,[1] and a state festival of Indian states of Sikkim and the Darjeeling district of West Bengal.[2][3] It is also a national holiday in Bhutan.[4] Now it is celebrated all around the world by the Nepalese diaspora. The festival falls around September-October, before the rice harvest. This festival is known for emphasis on family gatherings, as well as on a renewal of community ties.[1] People will return from all parts of the world, as well as different parts of the country, to celebrate together.[1]
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विजयादशमी २०६७ सालको शुभ उपलक्ष्यमा सु:ख, शान्ति र सम्वृद्धी तथा उत्तरोत्तर प्रगतीको हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकमाना!!! Wish You And Your Family A Very Happy Vijaya Dashami!!!

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